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A Little About Me

I am allowed to take a longer time in this section because I am on the older side of lifeJ Unfortunately my corporate career path was quite linear, and I was always crying on the inside to let me out.

During uni days, my friends and I worked as a waiting staff for a great Melbourne catering company. This was one of the most intriguing jobs I have ever had, largely because I love watching people. My best friend Pauline and I would always snoop into the fridges to see what very rich people really ate when there were no guests there. There were always kraft cheese slices, and meadow lea margarine, just like my home J One fridge had roll mops and Pauline wanted to open the jar and eat one. I thought they looked like dead eels. She went on to become a journalist, and I was not surprised, as she was such a curious girl.

My corporate beginnings started as a commerce graduate in Strategy and Planning with Pacific Access.  My boss was Scottish and I really didn’t understand much he said, but I was too scared and shy to say so.  He was a perfectly nice, stiff man.

My first project was to analyse telephone traffic and shopping purchase data for the folk between Rockhampton and Mackay in regional Queensland.  I was also part of the Headings Committee, which I loved as it was all about words. There was also an “Avant Garde” group working on the new thing called the internet. They wrote in code! (what did this mean ?- I later found out its mainly zeros and ones) They were allowed to wear “Casual” gear to work, yet we all had to maintain suits and big hair.

One of the executives had a thing called a mobile phone in his car and it looked like a black brick attached to curly wire.  He looked quite bizarre when he spoke on it. He liked it a lot.  He also had a convertible car. It was late 80s, and it was a time for aspirational thinking and long lunches paid for by the company.

I was later headhunted to join Ericsson – goodness knows why? I sure knew how to speak on telephones but knew nothing about infrastructure of voice and data networks. I was given a tiny Ericsson flip mobile phone and I felt like a sexy Russian spy.

Ericsson was the best place I ever worked. Why ? People were clever and formally trained and appreciated each other. It was truly an international company, so I loved learning about different countries through the people I worked with.  I also related well to engineers and them to me.  That time I had a German boss, once again I didn’t really understand him but was too scared and too shy to say so.  He was a perfectly nice man, who blushed a lovely soft pink when he laughed.

I have also taught part time in the business schools at Monash and Victoria Universities.  It was very scary being amongst students who knew much more than me. I was also paid to mark exams papers, working from home way before COVID, which was fun with a glass of wine or two. I think I gave away too many distinctions.

I love that animals teach us to immerse ourselves in kindness, silence and simplicity. I only have to watch the way a tail wags, and I am laughing, because tails are hilarious. Imagine that long, hairy bone is attached to emotions and it’s out there for us all to see and enjoy. Sometimes I think dogs are so happy, their tail may fall off.  I love animals because they seem to love me too.

I can often see things others cannot and that makes me feel like a fairy godmother when I pull the best of the best together, sometimes for a long time and other times – just for the right amount of time.  Each and every day there is a bit of magic that reminds me that I love making people happy at work.

Vets are amongst the loveliest human beings in the world. They work tirelessly with silent patients and do what they do, despite the heartbreak. They are compassionate scientists. Unlike me, they do not faint near blood and body tissue.

Writing books, conducting research and writing reports that matter!  I would love to study theology.

Never doubt the existence of God.

Not sure – there are so many in my head.

I do not like social media.  It denigrates the art of expression. I have a Facebook account as a male and only use it for buy, swap and sell. Its funny to see how people interact with me as a bloke called Steve. I get called mate all the time, and I always say “thanks mate” back.

Light Hearted Stuff

Funniest Job You Had When You Were Younger

Delivering pharmacy prescriptions to old people on my bike.  They all gave me lollies or a 20 cent tip. 50 cent coins were not readily available yet. I rode a Malvern Star to do the job, it was magenta and I called her Morticia. I loved visiting the oldies, they always came to the front door so warmly, but sometimes it took them awhile to open the lock.  I was a really patient kid.


Any Hidden Talents?

When I have had a champagne or two, I seem to think that I can sing and dance and I do enjoy trying to convince my friends and family of the same.


Quirky Traits?

At one stage of my life, I was able to recite nearly every postcode in Victoria when you called out the suburb. Weird!


Do you have a celeb look-alike?

When I Was young, circa 1987, many many people – in fact it drove me crazy – said I looked like Belinda Carlisle, the lead singer in a band called the Go Gos, “Heaven is a Place on Earth” was a huge hit, so I could not escape it. She was a bit chubby, and if the truth be known I think I had a really chubby little face too.


Nickname; SHAZZA of course.  My family have never called me this. They call me “ Sha Sha” . That is cute.


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