Kati Nemseff

Permanent Placement Consultant & International Relationships

A Little About Me

A Little Bit About Your Career Path: Studied hospitality with Human Resources specialization, since then I have always worked within the industry until I began moving into the recruitment part of the business 😊

Why Do You Love Animals? How could I not love them!? Animals are a great fluffy company who never judges and they always bring the most loving part of me! Maybe because of the compassion they give…

Why Do You Do What You Do? Interesting question… what I currently do is a reflection of who I am! I guess it comes naturally… I love travelling and dealing with people… oh, and food! That’s what I try to put into practice throughout my life 😛

If You Weren’t Doing What You Do… What You Be Doing? Probably thinking why I am not doing what I would genuinely like to be doing, and trying to change that!

Life Motto: ‘Why not?’

Interesting Quote To Live By? “Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again and you will be filled with joy.” -Buddha

What Would You Like VetPeople To Achieve In The Next 2 years? Achieve all its proposed goals, continue growing and sharing their genuine passion and care for what they do.

Light Hearted Stuff

Funniest Job You Had When You Were Younger? I still consider myself young… I guess my funny job will come soon?

Any Hidden Talents? I used to play piano and drums; I just can’t take them with me anywhere.

Quirky Traits? Terrible at any kind of crafts, art is not my thing

Do you have a celeb look-alike? Not really… I guess my face is not very common haha

Nickname; Kati


Email : kati@vetpeople.com.au