Dimitrios Pegioudis

Locum Consultant & Operations

A Little About Me

A Little Bit About Your Career Path: A small step every day, love to help people and that drives me forward.

Why Do You Love Animals? They are a lot more than most people think.

Why Do You Do What You Do? Great experience and the best work environment you can find.

If You Weren’t Doing What You Do… What You Be Doing? Chasing stars

Life Motto: Just Do It! Or is this Nike?

Interesting Quote To Live By? Enjoy every step on the way to reach your goals.

What Would You Like VetPeople To Achieve In The Next 2 years? Bring more great people together.

Light Hearted Stuff

Funniest Job You Had When You Were Younger: Copy CDs

Any Hidden Talents? Make food disappear

Quirky Traits? ACHOO Syndrome

Do you have a celeb look-alike? Zach Galifianakis (The way he is walking hahaha)

Nickname; Dee


Email : Dimitrios@vetpeople.com.au