Aoife Moriarty

Locum Co-Ordinator

A Little About Me

A Little Bit About Your Career Path: I have a BA Journalism, then completed a M.Sc of Interactive Digital Media, which led me to working for Ireland’s National Broadcaster for about 5 years…and now i’m here!

Why Do You Love Animals? Too many to list, but I guess the limitless loyalty and judgement free nature of their companionship, is a good start.

Why Do You Do What You Do? It’s nice to know you’re helping animals (albeit indirectly), and, equally as importantly, taking care of those who have devoted their lives’ and made many sacrifices to take care of those animals.

If You Weren’t Doing What You Do… What You Be Doing? Travelling, probably.

Life Motto: ‘Be kind.’

Interesting Quote To Live By?Don’t plan – Start.’

What Would You Like VetPeople To Achieve In The Next 2 years? I would like to see VetPeople connect with more amazing clinics and wonderful vets. It would be great to educate people on the responsibilities included in owning a pet, to stop the many unnecessary euthanisations which occur every day.

Light Hearted Stuff

Funniest Job You Had When You Were Younger: Terrorising my family.

Any Hidden Talents? I can really pick up a rap after one or two listens (and will probably recite after one or two bottles of wine).

Quirky Traits? I was once quite a good WoW player.

Do you have a celeb look-alike? Nah

Nickname: Not exactly nicknames, but since I arrived in Sydney i’m getting a lot of: ‘Aiofe’, ‘Afoie’, and generally many permutations of my vowel-dense name.


Phone : 0499 867 670
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