We love the work we do supporting the amazing people and practices who provide great care for animals around Australia. VetPeople commenced operation in December 2013 and has been embraced quickly and successfully by the veterinary industry due to the quality approach to people management and the results we achieve.
VetPeople specialises in PEOPLE management and practice solutions. We offer a diverse, innovative and personalised approach to our work within the veterinary industry including:
HR Solutions
Locum Workforce & Mangement
Coaching & Training
Buying And Selling Practices
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Whilst we may have different roles within our business, we are all united by a passion for animals, their care and the people who work within veterinary profession.

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We manage a team of amazing clinicians and provide locums to Australia’s leading clinics.

Locum Recruitment

Locum Recruitment

We manage a team of amazing clinicians and provide locums to Australia’s leading clinics.We have co-ordinated thousands of engagements over the years.
Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Finding the right staff for your practice is important. Allowing VetPeople to do the work for you gives you back time to focus on all your additional priorities. By the time the applicants arrive to meet with you, all the sorting out, resume reviews and initial interviews have all taken place on your behalf. You are ultimately the decision maker. VetPeople help guide you with astute and honest appraisals of the applicants in the context of your practice and your existing team members.

Buying/Selling a Practice

If you are looking to sell your practice, grow through acquisition or take on partner(s), VetPeople can facilitate this for you. VetPeople works in conjunction with trusted global accounting firm RSM*, to bring the right people together to manage the transaction from start to finish.

Practice Coaching & Training

Team culture and capability will impact the business performance of any business. This is a universal truth across any business that relies on its staff to deliver professional services, and particularly in the veterinary environment where everyone is involved at some level with the end customer touch points.

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Finding You The Perfect Fit


Step One

VetPeople meets with and interviews every candidate whether they are working with you for a day or as a permanent team member. We treat the candidate and veterinaryclientwith sensitivity and respect in their search for their ideal work situations.


Step Two

VetPeople will take the time to meet the other team members and sometimes observe the very workings within the practice.


Step Three

Starting with this focus and commitment to recruitment ensures everyone feels their needs are being listened to.



The perfect match for both the practice and permanent/locum employee!

One word. Flexibility.

It’s our personal touch approach and meticulous matching process that makes us unique.

Vet People

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At VetPeople, we take a personalised approach to what we do. We have no interest in being the biggest, just doing what we do really well. We are an Australian recruitment, locum and consulting agency focused on veterinarians only.